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Do you like to pamper your skin, are you fond of high-quality and effective content of products that can work miracles with your skin? Amastu aesthetic brings you unique skin treatments with a luxurious medical brand Ericson Laboratoire.
Ericson Laboratoire is one of the most innovative brands on the market of medical cosmetics. It provides a complex, innovative and professional solution to cosmetic problems. Thanks to the diversity of its products, it allows creating individual programs exactly according to the client’s needs.
At Amastu esthetic we provide 3 types of treatments with Ericson Laboratoire medical cosmetics.


anti-wrinkle therapy as an alternative to injections
Do you suffer from wrinkles, dry, tired and sagging skin? The SKINJEXION treatment is an innovative and effective alternative to injection procedures such as botulinum toxin application and hyaluronic injections, or mesotherapy. This therapy contains active substances such as Imudilin, the SNAP-8 complex, or hyaluronic acid. They stimulate cell formation, slow down the aging process of the skin and reduce tension in the skin. Wrinkles are smoothed and the skin is deeply hydrated. The effect of the salon treatment is enhanced by the use of an endothermic mask and two professional tools.
The treatment provides lasting results and is also suitable as a prevention against premature aging of the skin.
The duration of the treatment is 90 minutes and consists of the following steps


intensive care for dry and dehydrated skin
Do you have extremely dry skin that feels flabby, tired and dehydrated? The solution is the Hydra Clinic treatment, which contains unique active substances that, together with plant extracts, activate natural mechanisms in the skin, intensively hydrate and regenerate it.
The unique care is enriched with intelligent hydrolipids that can adjust skin hydration depending on the humidity of the environment. The result is an increase in elasticity and an immediate improvement of the skin. The skin is tightened, fresh and has a healthy glow.
The duration of the treatment is 90 minutes and consists of the following steps


oxygenating treatment to protect the skin from external pollution and blue light
Do you want to prevent premature skin aging, improve its quality and vitality? The skin suffers a lot from the effects of blue light, and that’s why we recommend including the PUR OXYGENE treatment in your regular salon skin care routine.
Complex technology provides global skin protection and helps to restore its damage. The result is oxygenated, radiant and tightened skin.
Why is blue light so dangerous for the skin?

More about Ericson Laboratoire brand

The brand manufactures its products in specialized laboratories in France. The products undergo strict control by an international assessment laboratory, have certificates of safety, non-irritating effect and their effectiveness is regularly evaluated. The entire development of the Ericson Laboratoire brand follows in the footsteps of the founder of this brand, Professor Ericson, in line with the clinical approach to cosmetics. All the active ingredients used show a considerable degree of technical sophistication: frozen cell extracts, intelligent hydrolipids, third-generation liposomes, thymulin, additional energy sources, phytohormones to restore the balance of hydration and sebum production, anti-wrinkle ingredients, lipid-blocking proteins… The products contain new transport systems that allow active substances to penetrate deeper into the skin and are able to regulate cell activity.

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