Hydra beauty

Against oily skin and acne

Do you have dull skin that needs a boost? Do large pores, fine wrinkles or acne-prone skin bother you? Or do you just want to hydrate, deep clean and treat your skin in the best way possible? Then you are at the right place! At Amastu esthetic, we present to you the professional Hydra Beauty treatment, which fully replaces classic cosmetic treatment. Hydra Beauty is a non-invasive treatment combining three different technologies for clean and radiant skin without signs of fatigue. During the treatment, special solutions are applied to the face and neck skin, which dissolve dead skin cells, sebum and comedones. Subsequently, all excess impurities are removed using vacuum. Skin is brighter, cleaner and rested right after the treatment.

Who is the Hydra Beauty treatment suitable for?

Treatment process

Microdermabrasion belongs to one of the most effective forms of removing the surface layers of the skin and dead skin cells. At the same time, this treatment supports the production of new skin cells, minimizes pores, pigment spots and fine wrinkles, enhances skin texture and stimulates collagen production.
AquaClean technology has a strong radial tip through which special solutions are applied to the skin. They dissolve impurities, dead skin cells, sebum and comedones. These are subsequently removed using vacuum. We will then apply a complex of nourishing and deeply hydrating vitamins to the cleaned skin.
With the help of microcurrents in the skin, it creates temporary channels through which the active substances can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. It is basically LED light therapy, which is chosen according to the type and condition of the skin. Red light has a beneficial effect on cell rejuvenation, blue light supports acne healing and disinfects the skin.

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