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Skin Revitalization

Do you suffer from pigment spots, acne scars, tired, dull and lifeless skin? The solution for your problems is medical chemical peeling NEOSTRATA®. It is a sophisticated system of products containing free glycolic acid. Thanks to its low pH (pH 1.6 at 20% chemical peeling), it is very effective and penetrates to the middle layers of the skin.
The treatment softens lines and wrinkles, brightens the complexion, significantly reduces pigment spots and alleviates mild to severe acne, including superficial scars.
At Amastu esthetic, we provide several types of treatment using NEOSTRATA® medical cosmetics.

NEOSTRATA® Retinol Peel - anti-aging peeling

It is an advanced one-step medical peeling with an exfoliating effect. It contains ingredients such as retinol, aminophil and neocitrate, which speed up cell regeneration and soften fine wrinkle lines. These substances enhance skin elasticity, treat acne, minimize pores and reduce pigmentation.
Week 0
Week 6 (after 1 treatment)
Week 12 (after 2 treatments)

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NEOSTRATA® ProSystem Peels

It is a surface peeling, the main component of which is glycolic acid. The concentration of this acid is selected individually according to the needs and tolerance of the skin. At Amas, we combine aesthetic glycolic acid with one of two targeted peelings.

1. Brightening Peel with 30% citric acid content

2. Clarifying Peel with mandelic acid content

Who is the treatment suitable for?

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