Laser epilation

Results are visible after the first treatment

Do you suffer from dark hair and are you annoyed by constant shaving? Are you tired of painful waxing? Are your ingrown hairs irritating your skin after shaving? Do you feel that a large part of your life revolves around hair removal? Step with us on the path to smooth skin, where the results are visible after the first treatment. At Amastu esthetic, we use the most modern laser technology on the market for hair removal. It is an alexandrite laser from the brands Candela GentleLase Pro and Quanta. Thanks to the alexandrite laser there is a significant reduction, even permanent removal of hair on the treated area after 3 to 6 treatments. Each client attends an initial consultation, during which a tailor-made treatment plan is created. The results are visible already after the first treatment, but it is necessary to follow the settled cycles for maximum effect. Thanks to a special cooling, the treatment is very gentle on the skin and almost painless.


At Amastu esthetic, we work with top technology on the laser epilation market, with an alexandrite laser from the Candela and Quanta brands.
In addition to unwanted hair, laser hair removal also removes other problems associated with shaving, such as ingrown hairs, irritated or damaged skin, inflammation, scars, pigment spots, and so on.
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Before the treatment itself, it is necessary to follow a few rules
The ideal hair length for laser epilation is 2-3 mm. Therefore, before treatment, clients should shave the treated areas as follows:




Laser epilation is also suitable for lighter hair, but absorption of the laser beam into the bulb may not be as fast as with a darker type. Therefore, more treatments are needed.
It’s not. The laser head is cooled by special cooling, so the treatment is very gentle on the skin and almost painless. During epilation, clients feel only a gentle pinching on the skin.

Laser hair removal permanently destroys the hair bulb in the follicle.

  • Human body hairs are in three growth phases – anagen (growth phase), catagen (sleeping phase) and telogen (resting phase).
  • The laser can perfectly damage bulbs that are in the growth phase – these are the hairs that have grown above the skin (approx. 80%)
  • However, there are also hairs in the dormant phase (about 20%) in the skin, and the laser cannot remove them
  • Therefore, it is necessary to undergo several treatments at precisely defined intervals so that the bulbs have enough time to reach the growth phase
  • Laser epilation results in a significant reduction of unwanted hair and most hairs will no longer grow. So we can speak about the effect as of permanent hair reduction
We cover the differences between IPL and our top laser in a separate article here. It is important for us to rebute the myths associated with the use of IPL vs. Laser
Definitely not. Only a trained professional works with the laser. After the treatment, skin irritation and redness may occur, but disappear within a few hours. Right after the treatment, we treat the skin as if it was sun-tanned. The irritation subsides within 24 hours.
Unfortunately, laser treatment is not recommended during pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding.
Of course! Laser hair removal is even more and more popular with men.
Yes of course.

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