The Fusion of Beauty, Harmony, and Relaxation

Every soul and body deserve the most beautiful. AMASTU esthetic brings a connection that embraces all essences of being. At AMASTU, they take care of complete relaxation of body and mind – of the outer beauty of the body, but also of the comfort and beauty of the soul, which is equally important to them. The new project linking meditation with cosmetics operates under the name Namasté at AMASTU.
Being in true balance should be the goal of each of us. Amidst the hectic pace of life, stress, and lists of seemingly impossible daily tasks we must tackle, a moment of balance is a miracle that tunes us for the next chaotic days—a miracle that each of us deserves.
Alexandra Majzlíková, the founder of the concept, envisions AMASTU esthetic as a place of intense relaxation. “I wish for clients to forget all their worries once they close the external doors – to step into another world. My purpose was also to open the world of meditation to people who have never practiced it or claim that it’s not for them.
The meditation itself lasts around ten minutes. According to the founder and creator of the concept, meditation brings peace of mind first and foremost, as well as progress, acceptance, and understanding. Many women find themselves caught up in a cycle all day long, chasing after work, deadlines, obligations, with a million tasks running through their heads. Additionally, many women doubt themselves internally, compare themselves, or feel insecure. We are influenced by our cycle – we are moody.
The philosophy of AMASTU esthetic is encapsulated in the motto “beauty hidden in balance.” It has long been known that when women feel balanced within themselves, confident, and healthy, they radiate their inner feelings outwardly. And that’s exactly the beauty hidden in balance. A simple equation. We want to encounter such women on the street – in balance between the external world and the invisible, internal world. “We tried to ensure that the meditations themselves gave clients the awareness that everything is okay just as it is, and that they are okay too – beautiful as they truly are. We currently offer three meditations, but we don’t stop there. We continue to seek balance.
Meditation is a means of connecting with our own being, a very powerful tool that allows us to experience a state of being without thought. Just as we shower our bodies to wash away the ‘dirt’ of the day, meditation works for our minds and beings. By allowing ourselves to dive into our inner world and thus escape the chaos of ordinary days, meditation gives us space to reconnect with ourselves, tidy up our thoughts and feelings. Through meditation, a unique connection between the outer world and the inner world occurs: ‘Guided visualization meditations transport us into our inner world through various images of our subconscious mind. We thus easily access a part of our unconscious mind where all our unconscious ways of being are stored.
Connecting with our own being through meditation gives us space to establish balance between the inner and outer environment. It helps heal old wounds, feelings, fears, and beliefs that often hinder us from living a fulfilling life. Above all, it brings us to a state of peace and full presence in ourselves. Our mind and body cease to be in a constant state of stress, which represents a ‘fight for survival’ for our nervous system. There is overall relaxation, but also a gaining of new strength and a real connection with our inner self – the soul and beauty of being in the present moment.
Through guided visualization meditation, we can change all our internal settings to establish balance within ourselves, and thereby in the external environment as well.

Because the beauty of our being is hidden in balance.

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